Mi Cielo

An Original Radio Play by Sara Ruiz

Mi Cielo is a short western radio play written and directed by Sara Ruiz that follows the love story between Xiomara Reyes and Aleta Caro. Once one of the toughest bank robbers with the best shot around, Xiomara decides to leave her life of crime behind after she meets the love of her life, a songstress named Aleta. But will her former boss, Santiago de Leon of De Leon’s Devils, let her go?


Audition Information

Please fill out the Audition Form and book your audition slot using the buttons below. Scroll down for sides and character descriptions.

Auditions dates are 
July 28th  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 

July 31st  1:30 pm - 3:00 pm


Characters and Audition Sides

These are the characters for Mi Cielo. Please click the buttons below the character's name to download sides.
Please note that folks auditioning for ALETA should prepare a sung auditon, either a lullaby or a rendition of "Happy Birthday"


Xiomara Reyes

Xiomara Reyes is in her mid 20s and is our protagonist. She used to belong to a gang of bank robbers known as De Leon’s Devils, but left that world behind. Now she lives in a small town working as security for a bank. She is handy with a gun, smart, stubborn, sure of herself, passionate, dedicated, and graceful. She has striking features and probably has a resting bitch face. Xiomara means famous warrior and she lives up to her name.

Aleta Caro

Aleta Caro is in her early 20s and is a singer in the town's saloon. She has the voice of an angel (Aleta means winged). She is a sweetheart, caring, determined, and passionate. She is very in love with Xiomara and is doing her best to help her adjust to "normal life". She would go to great lengths to keep her safe.

*Music audition: please prepare a lullaby or a rendition of Happy Birthday*

Santiago de Leon

Santiago de Leon is in his 30s and is our antagonist. He is the head of the bank robbing gang known as “De Leon’s Devils”. He is a Machista: controlling, rough, big personality, spits, manipulative. He is unfortunately very charming and very handsome.

Valentina Dominguez

Valentina Dominguez is in her mid 20s and alongside Xiomara is an original member of De Leon’s Devils. Though she is tough and smarter than Santiago, she is constantly being bossed around by him. She is never taken as seriously as she should be.

Alberto Campos

Alberto Campos is in his early 20s and a new addition to Santiago's gang. He is a bit scatterbrained and very inexperienced when it comes to bank robbing.

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